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Apache Maven Version 3.2.2 Released

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Hi The Apache Maven Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven Release 3.2.2.

The release notes can be found here:

The Release Notes


  • MNG-4565 – Requiring multiple profile activation conditions to be true does not work
  • MNG-5590 – ${basedir} and ${project.basedir} do not behave the same on file-based profile activation
  • MNG-5591 – Installing workspace reader triggers MNG-5503
  • MNG-5595 – name field missing in plugin.xml documentation
  • MNG-5596 – plugin descriptor model generated from Modello appears in javadoc
  • MNG-5609 – README.txt in distro incorrectly states JDK requirement as 1.5+
  • MNG-5612 – effective pom should not contain file-based profile activation fully interpolated but with limited interpolation like seen during profile activation
  • MNG-5613 – NPE error when building a reactor with duplicated artifacts
  • MNG-5620 – Prevent LinkageError when CDI is in the classpath
  • MNG-5623 – Exception when printing Reactor Summary
  • MNG-5624 – Maven API Plugin descriptor xsd does not exist at advertised location
  • MNG-5628 – NullPointerException with Maven 3.2.1 when circular dependency exists in POMs
  • MNG-5633 – NullPointerException when project contains cyclic references
  • MNG-5638 – Whitespaces matter in configuration can cause the incorrect repo to be selected
  • MNG-5640 – AbstractMavenLifecycleParticipant#afterSessionEnd is not invoked in some cases
  • MNG-5645 – version of “…” causes InternalErrorException.
  • MNG-5647 – ${} uses incorrect ISO datetime separator
  • MNG-5648 – Regression of MNG-5176, DST in effect is ignored


  • MNG-5452 – ${} should use UTC instead of local timezone (or be configurable)
  • MNG-5608 – warn if file-based profile activation uses ${project.basedir} since only ${basedir} is supported
  • MNG-5610 – README.txt in distro should be updated
  • MNG-5625 – Provide a terse information about the used thread builder
  • MNG-5630 – improve display of forked executions
  • MNG-5631 – WARNING about not triggered patterns in assembly descriptor
  • MNG-5639 – Support resolution of Import Scope POMs from Repo that contains a ${parameter}


  • MNG-3954 – Remove the RuntimeInfo required in the setting.mdo


  • MNG-2199 – Support version ranges in parent elements
  • MNG-5346 – update maven-plugin-plugin:descriptor default binding from generate-resources phase to process-classes


-The Apache Maven team