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Apache Maven Version 3.3.9 Released

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The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven 3.3.9.

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page

Release Notes – Apache Maven Version 3.3.9

Code Contributors of this release:

  • Martin Schäf
  • Stuart McCulloch
  • sugartxy
  • Robert Stern
  • Florencia Tarditti
  • tssp
  • Dave Syer
  • Joseph Walton
  • Stephen Kitt
  • Anton Tanasenko
  • Tang Xinye
  • Ben Caradoc-Davies

Issue Reporters of this release:

  • Brandon Enochs
  • Martin Schäf
  • Stephan Schroevers
  • Christian Schlichtherle
  • Brandon Enochs
  • Anders Forsell
  • Shubham Chaurasia
  • Keith Turner
  • Jonathan Radon
  • Ben Caradoc-Davies

Many thanks to contributors and reporters for the support and time.

Participants to VOTE of the Maven 3.3.4 till the Maven 3.3.9 Release:

  • Francisco Collao Gárate
  • Anton Tanasenko
  • Mark Derricut
  • Eric Barboni
  • Jieren
  • Jörg Schaible
  • Gary Gregory
  • Mark Derricut

Many thanks to those who tested the Maven releases and thanks for their support as well.


  • MNG-5297 – Mark as deprecated for compile-time enforcement. (Contributor: Joseph Walton)
  • MNG-5649 – Use Commons Lang’s Validate to intercept invalid input
  • MNG-5681 – Properties on command line with leading or trailing quotes are stripped
  • MNG-5721 – Possible NullPointerException in org.apache.maven.repository.MetadataResolutionResult (reporter/contributor Martin Schäf ).
  • MNG-5786 – Variable maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory may be set incorrectly (reporter Stephan Schroevers).
  • MNG-5787 – Moving from Maven 3.0.5 to 3.3.3 breaks plugins with some dependencies on the class path (reporter Christian Schlichtherle).
  • MNG-5796 – mvn fails when the current directory is a root drive on Windows (reporter Brandon Enochs).
  • MNG-5812 – Project base dir not fully working in Cygwin (contributor tssp).
  • MNG-5813 – Make MAVEN_OPTS env variable with mvnDebug correctly
  • MNG-5816 – Empty maven.config cause Maven to exit with failure (contributor tssp)
  • MNG-5840 is used if the groupId and artifactId match irrespective of the version
  • MNG-5858 – mvn script fails to locate .mvn in current directory (contributor Dave Syer).
  • MNG-5877 – maven-aether-provider/maven-compat does not always generate snapshot versions using Gregorian calendar year (contributor Joseph Walton; reporter Anders Forsell).
  • MNG-5882 – Nonportable shell constructs cause bin/mvn errors on Debian (contributor Ben Caradoc-Davies)
  • MNG-5884 – mvn script doesn’t handle directories containing spaces (contributor Stephen Kitt).
  • MNG-5886 – Broken link of ‘Building Maven’ in on Github (reporter Shubham Chaurasia).
  • MNG-5891 – Log file command line option description contains an extra word (reporter Keith Turner).
  • MNG-5898 – Multi-module build with ear fails to resolve war in 3.3.3 (reporter Jonathan Radon).
  • MNG-5907 – org.apache.maven.repository.internal.RemoteSnapshotMetadataTest fails to start at midnight


  • MNG-5780 – upgrade Java minimum version prerequisite from Java 6 to Java 7
  • MNG-5805 – Custom packaging types: configuring DefaultLifecycleMapping mojo executions (contributor Anton Tanasenko).
  • MNG-5818 – Disallow the programmatic injection of project dependencies
  • MNG-5844 – Close IO Streams in finally or try-with-resource statement (contributor Tang Xinye)
  • MNG-5871 – make url inheritance algorithm more visible
  • MNG-5888 – Update used modello version from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3
  • MNG-5892 – Removing par lifecycle from default life cycle bindings
  • MNG-5893 – Make used plugin version for maven-resources-plugin in default-bindings.xml consistent
  • MNG-5894 – Removed binding for maven-ejb3-plugin from default binding
  • MNG-5905 – Maven build does not work with Maven 2.2.1
  • MNG-5906 – Use canonical name for UTC timezone
  • MNG-5911 – Upgrade maven-parent to version 27
  • MNG-5915 – Upgrade Wagon version to 2.10
  • MNG-5921 - Upgraded to plexus-components 1.6 that uses asm 5.x
  • MNG-5922 – Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.22 to support as configuration attribute for Map merging
  • MNG-5923 – Switch to official Guice 4.0 (reporter/contributor: Stuart McCulloch)
  • MNG-5924 – Upgrade to Eclipse/Sisu 0.3.2 (reporter/contributor: Stuart McCulloch).
  • MNG-5925 – Update animal-sniffer-maven-plugin to 1.14. MANIMALSNIFFER-49 required when building with JDK9



  • The Apache Maven team