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Apache Maven Site Plugin Version 3.5 Released

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The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Site Plugin, version 3.5.

The Site Plugin is used to generate a site for the project. The generated site also includes the project’s reports that were configured in the POM.

Attention there are breaking changes to know when upgrading.


Release Notes – Maven Site Plugin – Version 3.5


  • MSITE-762 – Upgrade Velocity from 1.5 to 1.7


  • MSITE-135 – inherited site.xml files are interpolated with the originating project’s model values and not the consumer project’s values
  • MSITE-604 – Properties from settings.xml are not recognized in site distribution management
  • MSITE-694 – When, mvn site:jar doesn’t skip the generation of the jar
  • MSITE-702 – Overriding skin resources / Duplicate copying of skin resources
  • MSITE-724 – An API incompatibility was encountered while executing org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-site-plugin:3.4:jar
  • MSITE-743 – Automatic breadcrumbs generates URLs inconsistent with menus: should point to index.html
  • MSITE-744 – Regression in 3.4: File in generated-site/resources/ ignored unless there is a file in generated-site/markdown/ too
  • MSITE-750 – site plugin doesn’t override correctly parent distributionManagement site url with another one defined in child project when dav:
  • MSITE-752 – Cannot use server side includes.
  • MSITE-754 – ConcurrentModificationException when using site:run
  • MSITE-760 – when using templateFile, skin is downloaded and info message “Rendering site with skin”


  • MSITE-696 – site:deploy try to deploy the site of a sub module even if the property is set to true
  • MSITE-708 – Doc about filtering incorrect about macros rules
  • MSITE-723 – “About” report generated even though index.apt is available in “generated-site”
  • MSITE-727 – MavenProject/MavenSession Injection as a paremeter instead as a component.
  • MSITE-729 – Update version of plexus-archiver to 2.9
  • MSITE-740 – Allow multiple extensions for given format
  • MSITE-746 – FAQ contains inaccurate description regarding the site life cycle
  • MSITE-755 – Upgrade Doxia Sitetools from 1.6 to 1.7
  • MSITE-765 – upgrade Doxia from 1.6 to 1.7

New Feature:

  • MSITE-756 – add an option to dump Velocity processed Doxia files


  • MSITE-753 – remove deprecated template and templateDirectory parameters
  • MSITE-759 – Update “Configuring the Site Descriptor” page for Doxia (Sitetools) 1.7
  • MSITE-763 – Fix issues reported by dependency:analyze
  • MSITE-766 – Upgrade to Commons Lang 3


  • MSITE-326 – Make input source file encoding default to platform encoding


-The Apache Maven team