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Apache Maven Wagon Version 2.12 Released

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The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven Wagon 2.12.

Apache Maven Wagon is a transport abstraction that is used in Maven’s artifact and repository handling code.

Release Notes – Maven Wagon – Version 2.12.


  • WAGON-408 – ITs for #testSecuredGet() fail with Windows
  • WAGON-426 – Fingerprints loss in known_hosts
  • WAGON-439 – Jsch issue in java 1.7 and Kerberos-enabled ssh servers
  • WAGON-449 – CLIENT not changed after setting PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager
  • WAGON-469 – wagon-http does not enable Expect-Continue by default
  • WAGON-475 – TransferEvent GET used instead of PUT and vice versa
  • WAGON-476 – HTTP Provider follows redirects on PUT and may change request method
  • WAGON-479 – Preemptive auth with HTTP Provider may fail because BasicScheme is added as completed=true to the AuthCache
  • WAGON-480 – Non-threadsafe HttpClientContext is shared between threaded use of HttpClientWagon
  • WAGON-481 – Sensitive (auth) information is not cleared when HttpClientWagon is disconnected
  • WAGON-485 – ScpWagon parses file size to int causing overflow for large files


  • WAGON-455 – Upgrade of ‘plexus-utils’ to version 3.0.23.
  • WAGON-458 – Implementation for FTPS
  • WAGON-460 – Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.24
  • WAGON-464 – Upgrade jsch dependency to 0.1.51 or newer to support ECDSA host key typess
  • WAGON-465 – wagon-ssh: add API option to check for remote exit code
  • WAGON-466 – wagon-ssh: Better error message when ssh account is locked
  • WAGON-467 – wagon-ssh: options to configure hostKeyChecking and PreferredAuthentications
  • WAGON-472 – Upgrade Commons IO to 2.5
  • WAGON-484 – Update WebDAV Provider naming


  • WAGON-389 – Incorrect versions on gh-pages
  • WAGON-447 – Remove Commons Lang 2 for a few cases
  • WAGON-457 – Wagon tests fail on Windows because Subversion crashes on a test repo
  • WAGON-470 – Update TLS certificates for HTTPS tests
  • WAGON-471 – Clean up dependency mess (reported by dependency:analyze)
  • WAGON-473 – Don’t abuse IllegalArgumentException to intercept null input
  • WAGON-474 – Upgrade and revise all tests for Jetty 8
  • WAGON-483 – Upgrade SLF4J to 1.7.22


-The Apache Maven team