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Maven 3.1.1 Released

After a while a new Maven Release 3.1.1 is now available.

The Maven Team has fixed the following bugs:

  • MNG-5459 – failure to resolve pom artifact from snapshotVersion in maven-metadata.xml
  • MNG-5495 – API incompatibility causes Swagger Maven Plugin (and others) to fail under Maven 3.1.0
  • MNG-5499 – maven-aether-provider leaks Sisu Plexus and ObjectWeb classes onto the classpath when they are not required
  • MNG-5500 – help for —legacy-local-repository option explains _maven.repositories instead of _remote.repositories
  • MNG-5503 – Maven 3.1.0 fails to resolve artifacts produced by reactor build
  • MNG-5509 – org.apache.maven.repository.legacy.DefaultWagonManager should set User-Agent