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Cargo Maven Plugin 1.4.5 Released

After a really short while a new bug fix release 1.4.5 for Cargo has been released. The CARGO Team has fixed the following bugs:


  • CARGO-1222 – JBoss7xInstalledLocalContainer unable to stop container running on hostname other than localhost
  • CARGO-1224 – Not all JVM options are supported for Glassfish
  • CARGO-1228 – Issue with the display-name of web.xml for WARs inside EARs
  • CARGO-1230 – NPE in when adding classpath entry for ResinRun

and the following improvements:

  • CARGO-1223 – Add an option to disable the default Glassfish datasource
  • CARGO-1225 – Remove the ${versionId} from the default WAR context / EAR names of Deployables
  • CARGO-1226 – Add compatibility with JonAS 5.3.x
  • CARGO-1227 – JBoss7xInstalledLocalContainer should allow override of “-mp” param via system property

The release notes can found here.