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SQLJ Maven Plugin - Release 1.2

The Mojo Teams has released a new version of the SQLJ Maven Plugin version 1.2.

The prior version of the plugin was release about five years ago. This maintenance release mainly focuses on adding m2e compatibility to the plugin. For those using it, it will bring very nice incremental build support in Eclipse.

To get this update, simply specify the version in your project`s plugin configuration:

SQLJ Maven Plugin

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • MSQLJ-11 – Wrong web access url for scm
  • MSQLJ-13 – sqlj:sqlj fails if status param is configured to false


  • MSQLJ-6 – Make plugin m2e compatible
  • MSQLJ-12 – Print out the version of sqlj being used
  • MSQLJ-14 – Rework how the output of processing (status) info works


  • MSQLJ-7 – Convert ITs to maven-invoker-plugin
  • MSQLJ-8 – Switch to Mojo Java annotations