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Mojo's Webstart Maven Plugin Version 1.0-beta-4 Released

The mojo Team has released a new release of the Webstart Maven Plugin

This new version permits you to generate some jnlp files acceptable with jdk >= 1.7u45,

You can also now use a keystore from any url.

To get this update, simply specify the version in your project`s plugin configuration:



Next release (1.0-beta-5) will appear soon, the issue MWEBSTART-221 has been fixed to make possible usage of versionned resources.

I expect to do this new release in the folowing weeks.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • MWEBSTART-127 – unsignAlreadySignedJars sometimes removes manifest information
  • MWEBSTART-132 – Unsigning already signed jars doesn`t work when libPath used
  • MWEBSTART-138 – The number of signed artifacts differ from the number of modified artifacts
  • MWEBSTART-144 – Jar Unsigning Does Not Work
  • MWEBSTART-152 – Jar unsign does not remove certificate : comparison is case sensitive against “DSA”, “RSA” and “SF” file extensions
  • MWEBSTART-186 – While parsing JNLPConf default value of templateDirectory is wrong
  • MWEBSTART-196 – Jar signing fails if path contains parentheses
  • MWEBSTART-198 – verify via jarsigner not working
  • MWEBSTART-218 – Can`t build project with jdk1.5
  • MWEBSTART-219 – Transitive dependencies not included in generated jnlp files and version.xml

The following improvments:

  • MWEBSTART-39 – Allow keystore to be: a file, classpath resource or remote resource (not only a file)
  • MWEBSTART-50 – AbstractJnlpMojo hardcode`s webstart archive
  • MWEBSTART-121 – The plugin should pick up jars from sister projects
  • MWEBSTART-145 – Dependencies (jar resources) from the webstart plugin are not resolved using the reactor, so mvn clean package will not work. Then, mvn release:prepare will not work either.
  • MWEBSTART-200 – Allow to pass arbitrary properties into velocity template for JNLP file
  • MWEBSTART-206 – Upgrade code to java 5
  • MWEBSTART-207 – Source code formatting
  • MWEBSTART-212 – support for —pass-file=<file_name> (of the pack200 command)
  • MWEBSTART-213 – Enable Manipulation of the manifest from dependend jars
  • MWEBSTART-220 – Allow to pass arbitrary properties into velocity template for jnlp-download-servlet mojo JNLP file

and the following task have been fixed:

  • MWEBSTART-20 – sort out potential licensing issue of the pack200 tasks
  • MWEBSTART-217 – Use java 5 maven plugin annotations