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Apache Maven SCM Plugin 1.9 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven SCM Plugin, version 1.9.

The SCM Plugin offers vendor independent access to common scm commands by offering a set of command mappings for the configured scm.

You should specify the version in your project’s plugin configuration:


Release Notes – Maven SCM Plugin – Version 1.9

Fixed Bugs:

  • SCM-435 – can not work with local copy
  • SCM-503 – create a native Java GIT provider using JGit
  • SCM-650 – HgChangeLogConsumer generates phantom ‘null’ changeset at the end
  • SCM-681 – Git blame fails to report line authors on windows with core.autocrlf = true
  • SCM-702 – Incorrect documentation for parameter “skip” of goal “check-local-modification” of the plugin
  • SCM-705 – Git pushes tag ambigiously
  • SCM-709 – REGRESSION: git status doesn’t work if repository root is not the working directory
  • SCM-733 – Bugfixes to mercurial changelog
  • SCM-737 – can’t build CVS provider from source release zip file due to missing CVS test repository


  • SCM-487 – support —parents option for svn copy (tag commands) (svn 1.5 required)
  • SCM-565 – scm:validate should not fork the build
  • SCM-636 – Provide documentation about connection and developerConnection
  • SCM-736 – update plugin to use plugin-tools java 5 annotations

New Feature:

  • SCM-727 – integrate scm-provider based on jgit


The Apache Maven team