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Apache Maven Surefire Plugin 2.17 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Surefire Plugin, version 2.17

This release comes with some smaller improvements and bug fixes for TestNG, for the JUnit Parallel Computer, the removal of temporary files, and last but not least it fixes a compatibility issue with JDK 8 – just in time for the much anticipated GA this week. Yet again we received some much appreciated contributions from the community. Thank you and keep ‘em coming!

You should specify the version in your project’s plugin configuration:


Release Notes – Maven Surefire – Version 2.17


  • SUREFIRE-1031 – Temp files are not deleted properly
  • SUREFIRE-1033 – Invalid XML on documentation page
  • SUREFIRE-1038 – Regression: Method depends on nonexistent group
  • SUREFIRE-1040 – Typo in documentation of IntegrationTestMojo#test
  • SUREFIRE-1041 – JUnit47 provider: Exception in JUnit Runner can crash test run without visible stack trace
  • SUREFIRE-1044 – Changed behaviour of TestNG test execution after implementing runOrder support
  • SUREFIRE-1046 – Inproc test running does not work with java 8
  • SUREFIRE-1051 – Surefire plugin creates files in /tmp and does not delete them on exit
  • SUREFIRE-1055 – Parallel JUnit does not run all test methods with parallel=classesAndMethods perCoreThreadCount=false useUnlimitedThreads=true and threadCountMethods specified
  • SUREFIRE-1056 – fractional forkCount does not work as intended on single core machines
  • SUREFIRE-1063 – Typo in error message


  • SUREFIRE-1030 – Remove nested exception wrappers
  • SUREFIRE-1047 – Add @{…} property evaluation for the argLine
  • SUREFIRE-1058 – TestSetFailedException trying to use maven-surefire-plugin + regular expressions for TestNG groups
  • SUREFIRE-1062 – TestNG listeners on separate lines in pom.xml


  • SUREFIRE-1025 – TestSetRunListener.testSetCompleted() should write files first before reporting the completion on console.


-The Apache Maven team