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Mojo Appassembler Maven Plugin Version 1.8 Released

The Mojo Team is pleased to announce the new release of the Appassembler Maven Plugin 1.8 which contains a number of bug fixes, improvements and a new feature.

The Application Assembler Plugin is a Maven plugin for generating scripts for starting java applications. All dependencies and the artifact of the project itself are placed in a generated Maven repository in a defined assemble directory. All artifacts (dependencies + the artifact from the project) are added to the classpath in the generated bin scripts.

You can use the following Maven coordinates to get the latest version via Maven Central:


Release Notes:


  • MAPPASM-213 – Allow generation of logs directory and temp directory for an assembled app
  • MAPPASM-219 – Documentation should be updated (Usage : Program)
  • MAPPASM-224 – Make Plugin Java 5 Ready
  • MAPPASM-226 – Add ability to rename the executable’s prefix( ie wrapper)

New Feature:

  • MAPPASM-201 – Add ability to filter the configuration directory


  • MAPPASM-217 – Remove deprecated configurations – useAllDependencies, useAsterikClassPath, repoPath

The Mojo Team.