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Apache Maven Version 3.2.3 Released


The Apache Maven Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven Version 3.2.3

The release notes can be found here:

The release can be downloaded from

The Release Notes:


  • MNG-5349 – NullPointerException if missing id in org.apache.maven.lifecycle.Lifecycle
  • MNG-5655 – WeakMojoExecutionListener callbacks invoked multiple times in some cases
  • MNG-5658 – Syntax error in bin/mvn on Solaris SPARC
  • MNG-5663 – [regression] resolution of import-scoped transitive dependencies ignores additional repositories
  • MNG-5670 – ConcurrentModificationException during DefaultMaven.newRepositorySession
  • MNG-5677 – Fine-grained cache management


  • MNG-2570 – Maven needs to support multiple logging levels
  • MNG-5672 – Switch access to Maven Central to HTTPS

New Feature:

  • MNG-5656 – Update maven-compiler-plugin in the default-bindings.xml