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NAR Plugin for Maven 3.2.0

Dear Maven users,

it is a great honor to announce a new version of the NAR plugin for Maven, designed to support cross-platform development using JNI libraries.

As always, this release would not be possible without a thriving developer community. Here is the shortlog:

  • 26 Johannes Schindelin
  • 21 Fredrik Orderud
  • 14 Curtis Rueden
  • 8 HongKee Moon
  • 5 Benson Margulies
  • 2 Sevag Doniguian
  • 1 Wouter Pasman
  • 1 Ivan Drobyshevskyi
  • 1 Mark Hiner
  • 1 Philippe Marschall
  • 1 Tomasz Krakowiak
  • 1 Trevor Robinson

These are the changes since version 3.1.0 (the parenthesized numbers refer to pull requests of

Bug fixes:

  • The description of the examples now mentions explicitly that they are integration tests (#109)

  • We use a newer maven-site-plugin version to fix a breakage (#113)

  • The documentation now talks about narSystemPackage where it talked about the non-existent packageName before (#110)

  • The licensing was cleaned up (#120)

  • We now use the more appropriate msvc label for Microsoft Visual C/C++ instead of devstudio (#123)

  • The history.xml file included into the .nar artifacts is now actually properly named, and as a consequence properly populated, too (#114)

  • The documentation no longer references the incorrect tag but correctly calls it (#132)

  • The web site no longer suggests that the NAR plugin is an official Apache project (this was the original intention, but it never became reality) (#133)

  • On Windows, inconsistent usage of the environment variable Path was fixed (#134)

  • Fixed dead links in the documentation (#136)

  • Grammar sweep of the documentation (#137)


  • A new integration test demonstrates how to use a JNI .nar from a .jar file (#112)

  • The AOL properties are now documented (#115)

  • It is now possible to filter which headers are included in the artifacts (#124)

  • We joined the 21st century by using generics now (#127)

  • It is now possible to develop NAR projects in Eclipse even if they use the NarSystem class (#130)

  • We now use the Maven 3.0.4 platform (#118)

  • Support was added for the VisualAge compiler on AIX (#131)

  • The web site now uses the very pretty fluido skin and sports the NAR logo prominently (#133)

The new look of the web site can be adored here:

On behalf of all the developers making the NAR plugin awesome, Johannes