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Apache Maven Surefire Version 2.18 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Surefire/Failsafe Plugin, version 2.18.

The release contains a number of bug fixes, and introduces an option to automatically rerun failing tests, including proper reporting on the console and in the XML reports for the individual runs. Again we received some much appreciated contributions from the community in form of bug reports, bug fixes and patches for new features. Thank you and keep ‘em coming!

You should specify the version in your project’s plugin configuration:


or for failsafe:


Release Notes – Maven Surefire – Version 2.18


  • SUREFIRE-649 – Might be impossible to have empty strings in systemPropertyVariables element
  • SUREFIRE-941 – TESTS header printed twice when forkMode is always
  • SUREFIRE-963 – Unable to set empty environment variables
  • SUREFIRE-1023 – Report generation fails with StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • SUREFIRE-1028 – Unable to run single test (junit)
  • SUREFIRE-1069 – Typo in alwaysGenerateSurefireReport doc: “Defaulyts”
  • SUREFIRE-1072 – Duplicate example of commandline in run single test documentation
  • SUREFIRE-1075 – Addresses to documented mailing lists in Maven site dead
  • SUREFIRE-1077 – NPE problem will happen if you set testng status to fail at afterInvocation method
  • SUREFIRE-1078 – Failure running forked mode with TestNG test suites defined via XML files
  • SUREFIRE-1080 – Use parallel and fork together run some tests multiple times
  • SUREFIRE-1081 – Doc claims parallel is TestNG only, but rest of doc implies junit works, too.
  • SUREFIRE-1088 – When test fail during initialization the test execution time can result in a large negative number.
  • SUREFIRE-1090 – NPE in SmartStacktraceParser if Thread.contextCassLoader is null
  • SUREFIRE-1091 – IOException when test with much output prints in @After / @AfterClass – possible haning processes
  • SUREFIRE-1092 – The shutdown hook of parallel computer randomly prints started tests after timeout overflow
  • SUREFIRE-1095 – NPE in RunListener
  • SUREFIRE-1096 – ClassCastException: Fork test for TestNG with xmlsuite
  • SUREFIRE-1098 – runOrder=balanced is not working
  • SUREFIRE-1099 – Invalid link ids in surefire-report
  • SUREFIRE-1102 – The module surefire-setup-integration-tests fails with Maven 3.2.3
  • SUREFIRE-1104 – Internal Maven Surefire IT tests fail with Maven 3.2.x


  • SUREFIRE-1053 – Suppress warning message if file.encoding is set using argLine
  • SUREFIRE-1097 – improve documentation includes/excludes
  • SUREFIRE-1101 – Surefire does not shutdown thread-pools programatically after test run has finished.
  • SUREFIRE-1105 – Surefire build should check Java 1.5 API signatures with JDK version > 5
  • SUREFIRE-1106 – Update to minimum maven 2.2.1
  • SUREFIRE-1108 – Surefire should print parallel tests in progress been stopped after elapsed timeout

New Features:

  • SUREFIRE-654 – TestNG: Recognize successful tests when using invocationCount and successPercentage parameters on the @Test annotation
  • SUREFIRE-1087 – New option rerunFailingTestsCount
  • SUREFIRE-1093 – Exceptional parallel execution on @NotThreadSafe testcase or suite


-The Apache Maven team