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Mojo Appassembler Maven Plugin Version 1.9 Released

The Mojo Team is pleased to announce the new release of the Appassembler Maven Plugin 1.9.

The Application Assembler Plugin is a Maven plugin for generating scripts for starting java applications. All dependencies and the artifact of the project itself are placed in a generated Maven repository in a defined assemble directory. All artifacts (dependencies + the artifact from the project) are added to the classpath in the generated bin scripts.

You can use the following Maven coordinates to get the latest version via Maven Central:


Release Notes:



  • MAPPASM-239 – Update version of plexus-archiver to 2.5
  • MAPPASM-240 – Update version of plexus-archiver to 2.6.3
  • MAPPASM-241 – Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.20
  • MAPPASM-242 – Upgrade to plexus-archiver 2.7.1
  • MAPPASM-243 – Upgrade plexus-interpolation to 1.21
  • MAPPASM-244 – Upgrade to mojo parent version 34
  • MAPPASM-246 – Use maven-dependency-plugin version which is defined by the parent.
  • MAPPASM-247 – Upgrade maven-filtering to 1.3
  • MAPPASM-248 – Wrapper script fails on Solaris / SunOS 5.2 when the LC_TYPE is set to a non-single byte locale


  • MAPPASM-236 – Removing plexus-container-default dependency


The Mojo team.