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Apache Maven Version 3.2.5 Released


The Apache Maven Team is pleased to announce the release of 3.2.5

The release notes can be found here:

The release can be downloaded from:

Full list of changes can be viewed in JIRA:


  • MNG-5568 – ComparableVersion’s breaks contract for Comparable, in some edgecases the comparisons are not transitive
  • MNG-5592 – Maven Dependency Resolution Locks up
  • MNG-5676 – mvn -U crashes with IBM JDK
  • MNG-5686 – mvn cannot execute /usr/libexec/java_home/bin/java on OS X.
  • MNG-5687 – Parallel Builds can build in wrong order
  • MNG-5695 – inconsistent custom scope bindings
  • MNG-5696 – Remove dependency on Easymock
  • MNG-5700 – Update to plexus-interpolation 1.21 to avoid potential thread safety problems
  • MNG-5707 – spell mistake, Log4JLoggerFactory should be Log4jLoggerFactory
  • MNG-5711 – LinkageError
  • MNG-5716 – ToolchainManagerPrivate.getToolchainsForType() returns toolchains that are not of expected type
  • MNG-5723 – Maven downloads same artifact from all repositories defined in POM


  • MNG-5712 – Improve toolchains descriptor documentation
  • MNG-5713 – Improve Toolchains API description
  • MNG-5717 – Enrich toolchain xml with merge information
  • MNG-5718 – Change ‘provides’ from Object to Properties in toolchains.xml
  • MNG-5724 – Upgrade to last Wagon 2.8

New Features:

  • MNG-5714 – Add Merger for Maven Toolchain
  • MNG-5730 – Provide a tool to test Maven version parsing and comparison


  • MNG-5562 – Upgrade Aether 1.0 when available
  • MNG-5715 – Upgrade JUnit (for tests only)


  • MNG-5719 – rename JavaToolChain to JavaToolchain for consistency and don’t declare it as Plexus component


The Maven Team