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Apache Maven Project Info Reports Plugin Version 2.8 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Project Info Reports Plugin, version 2.8..

This module generates browsable HTML pages from Java source code.

You should specify the version in your project’s plugin configuration:


Release Notes – Maven Project Info Reports Plugin – Version 2.8:


  • MPIR-321 – Disable/remove dev/contrib current time generation because it is broken


  • MPIR-242 – Incorrect translations list for GPL v3 (illegible letters for Catalan and Arabic)
  • MPIR-247 – “Comparison method violates its general contract!” while generating site
  • MPIR-273 – links to modules broken in modules.html of flat multimodule parent project
  • MPIR-279 – Wrong hyperlinks on index and modules page
  • MPIR-280 – Clarify that Web Access SCM link is not suitable for SCM checkout
  • MPIR-281 – Misleading SCM report title
  • MPIR-289 – DependenciesRenderer’s FileDecimalFormat claims to use SI prefixes but calculated numbers do not match
  • MPIR-293 – On the team list report the “picUrl” property appears in the table, although no other properties are set for that team member
  • MPIR-301 – Update plexus-interpolation to 1.21 to avoid thread safety issues
  • MPIR-303 – Backslash in multi-module project
  • MPIR-309 – The Integration test mpir-229 breaks on Apache Jenkins
  • MPIR-311 – Specific SCM intro is missing if dev connection is given but not anonymous connection
  • MPIR-313 – License name is mandatory but it is not validated
  • MPIR-319 – Apache Ant has no dependency management but Apache Ivy has
  • MPIR-325 – JIRA report is not generated


  • MPIR-263 – improve minimum java requirement when m-compiler-p not explicitely configured: use default properties
  • MPIR-265 – Improve debug information in Dependencies report
  • MPIR-287 – Misleading report titles in Project Information overview
  • MPIR-290 – improve git support: remove directory info (after ‘.git’) for “git clone”
  • MPIR-291 – if scm tag is present, propose “git clone —branch
  • MPIR-295 – Enhancements on dependency convergence report
  • MPIR-296 – SBT Output not correct for dependencies
  • MPIR-298 – Continuous Integration support for Travis CI
  • MPIR-299 – Update to SCM 1.9.1
  • MPIR-304 – Update dependencies to the most recent usable versions
  • MPIR-305 – Upgrade Doxia + Site Tools to 1.6
  • MPIR-306 – Upgrade to maven-plugins version 25 to 26
  • MPIR-310 – Improve ‘JDK Rev’ label in dependencies report
  • MPIR-314 – Upgrade to maven-plugins version 26 to 27
  • MPIR-315 – Replace org.apache.maven.shared:maven-doxia-tools with org.apache.maven.doxia:doxia-integration-tools
  • MPIR-316 – Removed dependency org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-container-default:1.0-alpha-9
  • MPIR-322 – Dependencies Files Details should reuse installed jars instead of target/classes
  • MPIR-326 – Remove notes to ancient version of this plugin or the Site Plugin in the apt files

New Features:


  • MPIR-317 – Remove FAQ entry for Recaptcha Mailhide
  • MPIR-318 – Link time zone FAQ entry to the POM reference documentation
  • MPIR-324 – Clean up unused and used undeclared dependencies


-The Apache Maven team