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Apache Maven PMD Version 3.4 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven PMD Plugin, version 3.4.

This module generates browsable HTML pages from Java source code.

You should specify the version in your project’s plugin configuration:


Release Notes – Maven PMD Plugin – Version 3.4.


  • MPMD-165 – target/site/pmd.html created with invalid charset=${outputEncoding}
  • MPMD-171 – Rule properties are ignored when run under MPMD
  • MPMD-174 – Using a permalink from Sonar as a ruleset does not work
  • MPMD-187 – Report is generated even when skip is true
  • MPMD-193 – CPD’s sourceEncoding not set since PMD 5.1.1 is used
  • MPMD-200 – Regression: Rule:UnusedPrivateMethod


  • MPMD-129 – Maven PMD plugin does not have suppressMarker property that is available in PMD itself
  • MPMD-170 – Have targetJdk default to
  • MPMD-197 – Update dependencies and resolve minor Java warnings
  • MPMD-199 – Support PMD functionality on JSP files


  • MPMD-195 – Upgrade to PMD 5.2.2 as soon as it is available
  • MPMD-198 – Upgrade to PMD 5.2.3 as soon as it is available
  • MPMD-201 – Clean up unused and used undeclared dependencies
  • MPMD-202 – Remove notes to ancient version of this plugin and expired information
  • MPMD-203 – Upgrade to MPIR 2.8


-The Apache Maven team