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Apache Maven Version 3.3.9 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Maven 3.3.9.

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page

Release Notes – Apache Maven Version 3.3.9

Code Contributors of this release:

  • Martin Schäf
  • Stuart McCulloch
  • sugartxy
  • Robert Stern
  • Florencia Tarditti
  • tssp
  • Dave Syer
  • Joseph Walton
  • Stephen Kitt
  • Anton Tanasenko
  • Tang Xinye
  • Ben Caradoc-Davies

Issue Reporters of this release:

  • Brandon Enochs
  • Martin Schäf
  • Stephan Schroevers
  • Christian Schlichtherle
  • Brandon Enochs
  • Anders Forsell
  • Shubham Chaurasia
  • Keith Turner
  • Jonathan Radon
  • Ben Caradoc-Davies

Many thanks to contributors and reporters for the support and time.

Participants to VOTE of the Maven 3.3.4 till the Maven 3.3.9 Release:

  • Francisco Collao Gárate
  • Anton Tanasenko
  • Mark Derricut
  • Eric Barboni
  • Jieren
  • Jörg Schaible
  • Gary Gregory
  • Mark Derricut

Many thanks to those who tested the Maven releases and thanks for their support as well.


  • MNG-5297 – Mark as deprecated for compile-time enforcement. (Contributor: Joseph Walton)
  • MNG-5649 – Use Commons Lang’s Validate to intercept invalid input
  • MNG-5681 – Properties on command line with leading or trailing quotes are stripped
  • MNG-5721 – Possible NullPointerException in org.apache.maven.repository.MetadataResolutionResult (reporter/contributor Martin Schäf ).
  • MNG-5786 – Variable maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory may be set incorrectly (reporter Stephan Schroevers).
  • MNG-5787 – Moving from Maven 3.0.5 to 3.3.3 breaks plugins with some dependencies on the class path (reporter Christian Schlichtherle).
  • MNG-5796 – mvn fails when the current directory is a root drive on Windows (reporter Brandon Enochs).
  • MNG-5812 – Project base dir not fully working in Cygwin (contributor tssp).
  • MNG-5813 – Make MAVEN_OPTS env variable with mvnDebug correctly
  • MNG-5816 – Empty maven.config cause Maven to exit with failure (contributor tssp)
  • MNG-5840 is used if the groupId and artifactId match irrespective of the version
  • MNG-5858 – mvn script fails to locate .mvn in current directory (contributor Dave Syer).
  • MNG-5877 – maven-aether-provider/maven-compat does not always generate snapshot versions using Gregorian calendar year (contributor Joseph Walton; reporter Anders Forsell).
  • MNG-5882 – Nonportable shell constructs cause bin/mvn errors on Debian (contributor Ben Caradoc-Davies)
  • MNG-5884 – mvn script doesn’t handle directories containing spaces (contributor Stephen Kitt).
  • MNG-5886 – Broken link of ‘Building Maven’ in on Github (reporter Shubham Chaurasia).
  • MNG-5891 – Log file command line option description contains an extra word (reporter Keith Turner).
  • MNG-5898 – Multi-module build with ear fails to resolve war in 3.3.3 (reporter Jonathan Radon).
  • MNG-5907 – org.apache.maven.repository.internal.RemoteSnapshotMetadataTest fails to start at midnight


  • MNG-5780 – upgrade Java minimum version prerequisite from Java 6 to Java 7
  • MNG-5805 – Custom packaging types: configuring DefaultLifecycleMapping mojo executions (contributor Anton Tanasenko).
  • MNG-5818 – Disallow the programmatic injection of project dependencies
  • MNG-5844 – Close IO Streams in finally or try-with-resource statement (contributor Tang Xinye)
  • MNG-5871 – make url inheritance algorithm more visible
  • MNG-5888 – Update used modello version from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3
  • MNG-5892 – Removing par lifecycle from default life cycle bindings
  • MNG-5893 – Make used plugin version for maven-resources-plugin in default-bindings.xml consistent
  • MNG-5894 – Removed binding for maven-ejb3-plugin from default binding
  • MNG-5905 – Maven build does not work with Maven 2.2.1
  • MNG-5906 – Use canonical name for UTC timezone
  • MNG-5911 – Upgrade maven-parent to version 27
  • MNG-5915 – Upgrade Wagon version to 2.10
  • MNG-5921 - Upgraded to plexus-components 1.6 that uses asm 5.x
  • MNG-5922 – Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.22 to support as configuration attribute for Map merging
  • MNG-5923 – Switch to official Guice 4.0 (reporter/contributor: Stuart McCulloch)
  • MNG-5924 – Upgrade to Eclipse/Sisu 0.3.2 (reporter/contributor: Stuart McCulloch).
  • MNG-5925 – Update animal-sniffer-maven-plugin to 1.14. MANIMALSNIFFER-49 required when building with JDK9



  • The Apache Maven team