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Apache Doxia Version 1.7 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Doxia, version 1.7 (which will be used in a future 3.5 version of maven-site- plugin)

Doxia is a content generation framework that provides powerful techniques for generating static and dynamic content, supporting a variety of markup languages.

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page.

Release Notes – Maven Doxia – Version 1.7


  • DOXIA-482 – add an API to avoid translating APT source comments into output comments
  • DOXIA-485 – Outdated links in xdoc format description
  • DOXIA-508 – Format characters are interpreted in monospaced text
  • DOXIA-524 – ISO-8859-15 encoding problem with markdown
  • DOXIA-537 – NullPointerException parsing table cell with single space


  • DOXIA-203 – Add support for level 6 sections and generalize Sink API for sections
  • DOXIA-492 – Add support for doxia macros in markdown documents.
  • DOXIA-505 – Upgrade to Commons Configuration 1.10
  • DOXIA-527 – Allow multiple extensions for given format
  • DOXIA-529 – Add macro support to XHTML

New Features:

  • DOXIA-224 – Add source name in parser
  • DOXIA-532 – Update handling of comments for Server Side Includes (ie comments starting with #)
  • DOXIA-535 – Support .markdown file extension (in addition to current .md)


  • DOXIA-511 – remove deprecated package
  • DOXIA-526 – remove xerces:xercesImpl dependency
  • DOXIA-531 – improve MacroRequest API with parser and sourceContent parameters requirements


  • DOXIA-506 – move classes from doxia-core in sink package (same as doxia-sink-api) to dedicated sink.impl package


-The Apache Maven team