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Apache Maven SCM Version 1.9.5 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven SCM, version 1.9.5.

Maven SCM supports Maven 2.x plugins (e.g. maven-release-plugin) and other tools (e.g. Continuum) by providing them with a common API for doing SCM operations. You can look at the list of SCMs for more information on using Maven SCM with your favorite SCM tool.

Release Notes – Maven SCM Version 1.9.5


  • SCM-682 – Maven release fails when releasing from a named branch
  • SCM-734 – SVN branching fails with svn+ssh://username@host URL
  • SCM-772 – GitStatusConsumer does not properly handle quoted paths output from GitStatusCommand
  • SCM-795 – scm output parsing is too aggressive on stderr
  • SCM-806 – JGit impl should look for repositories in parent directories
  • SCM-812 – Jazz SCM Alias Id’s roll over to zero, not 1000 as advertised.
  • SCM-813 – SVN fails when trying to create a branch with nested directories
  • SCM-816 – Can’t bootstrap or checkout project with child module
  • SCM-817 – Jgit provider exposes password if it contains special characters
  • SCM-819 – Integrity blame command fixes.
  • SCM-820 – Correctly strip quotes in GitStatusConsumer
  • SCM-822 – Fixed SVN branching with svn+ssh://username@host URL.
  • SCM-825 – provide JGitInfoCommand
  • SCM-827 – Scm tests fail on Windows because Subversion crashes on loading tck.dump
  • SCM-828 – support @ in username of scm url


  • SCM-775 – Add workItem and changeset associate support for scm deliver
  • SCM-781 – Add a goal to recursively validate SCM url
  • SCM-803 – Upgrade maven-parent to version 27
  • SCM-808 – JGit impl should be included in standard providers
  • SCM-809 – Make git executable name a config option
  • SCM-811 – m2 release plugin shows SCM git password if fatal occured during git push
  • SCM-830 – Upgrade maven parent to version 30
  • SCM-831 – Using inherited site descriptor from maven-parent


  • SCM-749] Working directory:“ from svnexe output on Linux


-The Apache Maven team