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Apache Maven Version 3.5.0-alpha-1 Released

The Apache Maven team would like to announce the release of Maven 3.5.0-alpha-1.

NOTE: This is an ALPHA release. There is the potential that features may be added/removed between this release and the first GA release in the 3.5.x release line. Please consult the Known Issues section below before use

You can download the appropriate sources, etc. from the archives section on the download page as Maven 3.3.9 is still the recommended GA release

Release Notes for 3.5.0-alpha-1.

Known Issues

The following issues were identified during release testing of this ALPHA release but have not been deemed as release blockers:

  • MNG-6177 The --file and -f option to specify a pom.xml to use does not work if the path includes characters that need quoting such as whitespace or &.
  • MNG-6115 If Maven is installed in a writable location, every build will create a new lib/ext/jansi-.... file.

Why not Maven 3.4.0?

After Maven 3.3.9 was released, the Eclipse Aether project was retired and the code base was migrated to the Apache Maven project.

The original goal for the 3.4.0 release was to replace Aether with the exact same code after migration to the Apache Maven project and then proceed with bug fixes to the resolver code as well as other areas of Maven.

The migration of the code between the two foundations took longer than expected and as a result there were other changes committed to Maven core that were outside the scope of intent for 3.4.0.

In order to refocus on the original intent for 3.4.0, the decision was taken to revert the Maven core history to the point of the 3.3.9 release and merge in the desired changes one at a time.

Because there had been a lot of communication about different features being delivered and bugs fixed in Maven 3.4.0 and the new history may not contain them in the first release, the decision was taken to forever burn the 3.4.x release line.

More detail on this decision can be read in the mailing list archive.

Release Notes – Maven – Version 3.5.0-alpha-1


  • MNG-5297 – Site should tell ‘prerequisites.maven is deprecated’
  • MNG-5368 – UnsupportedOperationException thrown when version range is not correct in dependencyManagement definitions
  • MNG-5629 – ClosedChannelException from
  • MNG-5815 – “mvn.cmd” does not indicate failure properly when using “&&”
  • MNG-5823 – mvnDebug doesn’t work with M2_HOME with spaces – missing quotes
  • MNG-5829 – mvn shell script fails with syntax error on Solaris 10
  • MNG-5836 – logging config is overridden by $M2_HOME/lib/ext/*.jar
  • MNG-5852 – mvn shell script invokes /bin/sh but requires Bash functions
  • MNG-5958 – java.lang.String cannot be cast to org.apache.maven.lifecycle.mapping.LifecyclePhase
  • MNG-5961 – Maven possibly not aware of log4j2
  • MNG-5962 – mvn.cmd fails when the current directory has spaces in between
  • MNG-5963 – mvn.cmd does not return ERROR_CODE
  • MNG-6022 – mvn.cmd fails if directory contains an ampersand (&)
  • MNG-6053 – Unsafe System Properties copy in MavenRepositorySystemUtils, causing NPEs
  • MNG-6105 – properties.internal.SystemProperties.addSystemProperties() is not really thread-safe
  • MNG-6109 – PluginDescriptor doesn’t read since value of parameter
  • MNG-6117 – ${session.parallel} not correctly set
  • MNG-6144 – DefaultWagonManagerTest#testGetMissingJarForced() passed incorrect value
  • MNG-6166 – mvn dependency:go-offline fails due to missing transitive dependency jdom:jdom:jar:1.1
  • MNG-6171 – REGRESSION: WARNING about usage of a non threadsafe marked plugin is not showed anymore
  • MNG-6172 – Precedence of command-line system property options has changed

Dependency upgrades:


  • MNG-5579 – Unify error output/check logic from shell and batch scripts
  • MNG-5607 – Don’t use M2_HOME in mvn shell/command scripts anymore
  • MNG-5883 – Silence unnecessary legacy local repository warning
  • MNG-5889 – .mvn directory should be picked when using —file
  • MNG-5904 – Remove the whole Ant build
  • MNG-5931 – Fixing documentation
  • MNG-5934 – String handling issues identified by PMD
  • MNG-5946 – Fix links etc. in README.txt which is part of the delivery
  • MNG-5968 – Default plugin version updates
  • MNG-5975 – Use Java 7’s SimpleDateFormat in CLIReportingUtils#formatTimestamp
  • MNG-5977 – Improve output readability of our MavenTransferListener implementations
  • MNG-5993 – Confusing error message in case of missing/empty artifactId and version in pluginManagement
  • MNG-6001 – Replace %HOME% with %USERPROFILE% in mvn.cmd
  • MNG-6003 – Drastically reduce JAVA_HOME discovery code
  • MNG-6014 – Removing ArtifactHandler for ejb3
  • MNG-6017 – Removing ArtifactHandler for par LifeCycle
  • MNG-6030 – ReactorModelCache do not used effectively after maven version 3.0.5 which cause a large memory footprint
  • MNG-6032 – WARNING during build based on absolute path in assembly-descriptor.
  • MNG-6068 – Document default scope compile in pom XSD and reference documentation
  • MNG-6078 – Can’t overwrite properties which have been defined in .mvn/maven.config
  • MNG-6081 – Log refactoring – Method Invocation Replaced By Variable
  • MNG-6102 – Introduce ${maven.conf} in m2.conf
  • MNG-6145 – Remove non-existent m2 include in component.xml
  • MNG-6146 – Several small stylistic and spelling improvements to code and documentation
  • MNG-6147 – MetadataResolutionResult#getGraph() contains duplicate if clause
  • MNG-6150 – Javadoc improvements for 3.5.0
  • MNG-6163 – Introduce CLASSWORLDS_JAR in shell startup scripts
  • MNG-6165 – Deprecate and replace incorrectly spelled public API

New Features:

  • MNG-3507 – ANSI color logging for improved output visibility
  • MNG-5878 – add support for module name != artifactId in every calculated URLs (project, SCM, site): special property
  • MNG-6093 – create a slf4j-simple provider extension that supports level color rendering


  • MNG-5954 – Remove outdated maven-embedder/src/main/resources/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  • MNG-6106 – Remove maven.home default value setter from m2.conf
  • MNG-6136 – Upgrade Maven Wagon from 2.10 to 2.12
  • MNG-6137 – Clean up duplicate dependencies caused by incomplete Wagon HTTP Provider exclusions
  • MNG-6138 – Remove obsolete message_*.properties form maven-core
  • MNG-6140 – update documentation’s dependency graph with resolver + resolver-provider + slf4j-provider
  • MNG-6151 – Force Push master from 737de43e392fc15a0ce366db98d70aa18b3f6c03
  • MNG-6152 – Add a Jenkinsfile so that can use multibranch pipeline


  • MNG-2199 – Support version ranges in parent elements
  • MNG-6088 – after forked execution success, add an empty line
  • MNG-6092 – warn if prerequisites.maven is used for non-plugin projects


  • The Apache Maven team