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Asciidoctor Maven Plugin Version 1.5.5 Released

This release aligns the maven plugin version to the latest version of AsciidoctorJ v1.5.5, and in turn Asciidoctor v1.5.5.

Thanks to all contributors! Improvements

Upgraded AsciidoctorJ version to 1.5.5, see AsciidoctorJ and Asciidoctor respective release notes for more details Upgraded JRuby to 1.7.26, note that using AsciidoctorJ-pdf v1.5.0-alpha.14 requires JRuby

  • #270 docinfo files are now excluded by default (@ge0ffrey)
  • #267 Enabled configuration of sourcemap, catalog_assets and template_cache options
  • #255 Added compatibility for AsciidoctorJ 1.6.0 extensions (@robertpanzer)
  • #253, #251, #247, #245, #243, #241 Many improvements and fixes in the maven plugin configuration, dependencies and build process (special thanks to @khmarbaise for his patience)
  • #227 Upgraded Netty and other project dependencies for Java9 compatibility (@Sanne)
  • #226 Added resource filtering option (choosing which resources to copy to target), see new ‘resources’ configuration option for details
  • #218 Improved how AsciidoctorJ is created for v1.6.0 compatibility (@mattadamson)
  • #223 Added Chinese version of the README (@diguage)
  • #209 Added support for command line options, see command-line-configuration for details Many, many documentation improvements (@ge0ffrey, @leif81, @dashorst)
  • #198 Improved behaviour when source directory is not found for multi-module configurations, instead of failing, plugin with now finish and show an informatime message (@Stummi)

Bug fixes

  • #252 Fixed an issue that disabled source-highlighting
  • #216 Fixed property name in ‘zip’ mojo (@ghusta)
  • #153 Fixed an issue that prevented GitHub urls from being included

Release Meta

Released on: 2017-03-17

Released by: @abelsromero

Soundtrack: Warszawa (Porcupine Tree)