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Apache Maven Version 3.5.0-beta-1 Released

The Apache Maven team would like to announce the release of Maven 3.5.0-beta-1.

NOTE: This is an BETA release. There is the potential that features may be removed between this release and the first GA release in the 3.5.x release line. Please consult the Known Issues section below before use

You can download the appropriate sources, etc. from the archives section on the download page as Maven 3.3.9 is still the recommended GA release

Known Issues

The following issues were identified during release testing of this ALPHA release but have not been deemed as release blockers:

  • MNG-6190 – maven-resolver-provider’s DefaultArtifactDescriptorReader has mismatched constructor and initService methods (this issue does not affect normal usage of Maven)
  • MNG-6191mvn -f complains about illegal readlink option under macOS
  • MNG-6192 – The distribution zip file has unordered entries and some tools – most notably Maven wrapper – will fail to unzip the distribution

Why not Maven 3.4.0?

After Maven 3.3.9 was released, the Eclipse Aether project was retired and the code base was migrated to the Apache Maven project.

The original goal for the 3.4.0 release was to replace Aether with the exact same code after migration to the Apache Maven project and then proceed with bug fixes to the resolver code as well as other areas of Maven.

The migration of the code between the two foundations took longer than expected and as a result there were other changes committed to Maven core that were outside the scope of intent for 3.4.0.

In order to refocus on the original intent for 3.4.0, the decision was taken to revert the Maven core history to the point of the 3.3.9 release and merge in the desired changes one at a time.

Because there had been a lot of communication about different features being delivered and bugs fixed in Maven 3.4.0 and the new history may not contain them in the first release, the decision was taken to forever burn the 3.4.x release line.

More detail on this decision can be read in the mailing list archive.

Release Notes – Maven – Version 3.5.0-beta-1


  • MNG-5895 – Problem with CI friendly usage of ${..} which is already defined via property in pom file.
  • MNG-6057 – Problem with CI friendly usage of ${..} reactor order is changed
  • MNG-6090 – CI friendly properties break submodule builds
  • MNG-6170 – NPE in cases using Multithreaded -T X versions:set -DnewVersion=1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • MNG-6173 – MavenSession.getAllProjects() should return all projects in the reactor
  • MNG-6176 – Javadoc errors prevent release with Java 8
  • MNG-6177 – The —file command line option of the Windows and Unix launchers does not work for directory names like “Spaces & Special Char”
  • MNG-6180 – groupId has plain color when goal fails
  • MNG-6181 – HttpClient produces a lot of noise at debug loglevel
  • MNG-6183 – Dependency management debug message corrections.


  • MNG-6078 – Can’t overwrite properties which have been defined in .mvn/maven.config
  • MNG-6115 – Add Jansi native library search path to our start scripts to avoid extraction to temp file on each run
  • MNG-6179 – Remove unused prerequisites
  • MNG-6189 – WARN if maven-site-plugin configuration contains reportPlugins element

New Feature:

  • MNG-6182 – ModelResolver interface enhancement: addition of resolveModel( Dependency ) supporting version ranges


  • The Apache Maven team