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Apache Maven 3.5.2 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven 3.5.2

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page.


The Apache Maven team would like to thank the following contributors, without whom this release would not have been possible:

Code contributors:

  • Mario Krizmanic
  • Dejan Stojadinovic
  • Anton Tanasenko
  • Stefan Eicher

Issue reporters:

  • Marcel Schutte
  • Mario Krizmanic
  • Charles Gould
  • Brian Oxley
  • Anton Tanasenko
  • Gregor B. Rosenauer
  • Sylwester Lachiewicz
  • Stefan Eicher
  • Manuel Ryan

Community testers participating in voting for this release series:

  • Mark Derricutt
  • Dejan Stojadinovic
  • Thomas Collignon
  • Grzegorz Grzybek
  • Petar Tahchiev
  • jieryn
  • Petr Široký

Thank you for your time and feedback.

Release Notes – Maven – Version 3.5.2


  • MNG-6186 – switch to improved HawtJNI
  • MNG-6280 – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by pom.xml with process instructions


  • MNG-5935 – Optional true getting lost in managed dependencies when transitive
  • MNG-6127 – Fix plugin execution configuration interference
  • MNG-6148 – Can’t package and assemble with JDK9/Jigsaw
  • MNG-6149 – MetadataResolutionResult#getGraph() never resolves request type ‘test’
  • MNG-6205 – Non-ascii chars in name element are displayed as question marks in Win CLI output (regression)
  • MNG-6210 – can’t load @SessionScoped/@MojoExecutionScoped components from .mvn/extensions.xml
  • MNG-6223 – mvn -f outputs invalid error when specifying POM directory
  • MNG-6233 – maven-resolver-provider mixes JRS 330 and Plexus annotations
  • MNG-6234 – Regression 6182a208: library.jansi.path does not point to proper directory
  • MNG-6240 – Duplicate components in plugin extension realm when plugin depends on maven-aether-resolver
  • MNG-6242 – No color for maven on Cygwin


  • MNG-5457 – Show repository id when downloading or uploading from/to a remote repository
  • MNG-6025 – Add a ProjectArtifactsCache similar to PluginArtifactsCache
  • MNG-6123 – detect self references in POM and fail fast
  • MNG-6174 – Clean Up Maven Model
  • MNG-6196 – Update slf4j and simplify its color integration
  • MNG-6203 – Minor cleanup in
  • MNG-6206 – We should produce a WARNING by using RELEASE, LATEST as versions
  • MNG-6207 – Create WARNINGs in case of using system scope
  • MNG-6228 – Optionality not displayed in dependency tree when run in debug mode

New Features:

  • MNG-6084 – Support JSR 250 annotations
  • MNG-6220 – Add CLI options to control color output


  • MNG-6167 – Clean up dependency mess (reported by dependency:analyze)
  • MNG-6258 – Upgrade to Maven Resolver 1.1.0


-The Apache Maven team