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Apache Maven SCM Version 1.11.1 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven SCM, version 1.11.1.

Maven SCM supports Maven 2.x plugins (e.g. maven-release-plugin) and other tools (e.g. Continuum) by providing them with a common API for doing SCM operations. You can look at the list of SCMs for more information on using Maven SCM with your favorite SCM tool.

Release Notes – Maven SCM Version 1.11.1


  • SCM-518 – wrong model in vss-settings.mdo works only with a bug in Modello 1.0-alpha-21 but not with Modello 1.0+
  • SCM-628 – scm:checkout parsing URL for clone does not match what is passed in with -DconnectionUrl
  • SCM-745 – Perforce blame result parsing too greedy
  • SCM-791 – GitExe Provider does not work properly in Cygwin
  • SCM-815 – GitExe Provider does not commit files in Cygwin
  • SCM-834 – Commit encoding is platform-dependent instead of UTF-8
  • SCM-835 – includes directive doesn’t work correctly when other files in directory changes
  • SCM-857 – AnnotateConsumer fails to parse author name if name contains dot
  • SCM-859 – Subversion commands don’t work if path or URL contains ‘@’
  • SCM-889 – Jazz tag command creates snapshot in wrong workspace
  • SCM-892 – URLs aren’t set where URLs are expected
  • SCM-895 – Starteam tag command inverts logic of tagging subsets of directories
  • SCM-896 – Subversion config file path incorrectly calculated on Windows
  • SCM-905 – Tests with checkin rely on global Git config (2)
  • SCM-906 – JGit provider tests miss SLF4J binding
  • SCM-911 – Skip tests if Git executable is not in PATH

New Feature:

  • SCM-486 – Support signed tags for Git


  • SCM-805 – Add SVN —pin-externals option to copy command (branch/tag)
  • SCM-891 – Remove duplicate code in tests
  • SCM-912 – Unify messages if SCM system command is not available



  • SCM-908 – GitScmProviderRepository#parseUrl(): skip parsing of user info for file:// URLs
  • SCM-910 – SvnScmProviderRepository#parseUrl(): skip parsing of user info for file:// URLs

Dependency upgrades:

  • SCM-893 – Upgrade Modello to 1.9.1
  • SCM-898 – Upgrade Extra Enforcer Rules to 1.0-beta-9
  • SCM-899 – Upgrade Commons IO to 2.6
  • SCM-900 – Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.1.0
  • SCM-901 – Upgrade JUnit to 4.12
  • SCM-902 – Upgrade Mockito Core to 1.10.19
  • SCM-903 – Upgrade Plexus Security Dispatcher to 1.4
  • SCM-904 – Upgrade JGit to


-The Apache Maven team