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Apache Maven SCM Version 2.0.0-M1 Released

The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven SCM, version 2.0.0-M1.

Maven SCM supports Maven plugins (for example maven-release-plugin) and other tools by providing them with a common API for source code management operations. You can look at the list of SCMs for more information on using Maven SCM with your favorite SCM tool.

Release Notes – Maven SCM Version 2.0.0-M1

  • Bugs:

    • SCM-883 – ScmFileSet DEFAULT_EXCLUDES too restrictive
    • SCM-973 – GitCheckInCommandNoBranchTest fails with Git 2.34.0+
    • SCM-975 – Broken link to Maven SCM plugin Release Notes
  • Tasks:

    • SCM-969 – Remove all deprecated providers
    • SCM-972 – Deprecate SCM Logger in favor of SLF4J
  • Dependency upgrade:

    • SCM-974 – Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.3.1


-The Apache Maven team